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About the HOGTOWN Opry

The Hogtown Opry will kick off on Saturday night, May 18th. The show will include performances from the Opry’s all-star band and headliners Forrest O'Connor, Shad Cobb, Wil Maring and Robert Bowlin.  The venue, at the University Auditorium, next to the bell tower on the Florida campus will present acts you know well and others you may not be familiar with, but all of them will be stellar musicians worthy of your time and interest.  The Opry band, itself, will be worthy of headliner status, opening each Opry with a 45-60 minute performance.  

Ticket prices will vary according to the acts we hire. 

We appreciate your support.  We know this is a different venue for the Gainesville area and we are not inexpensive.  All we ask is that you show up once and judge for yourself.  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  

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