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Yellow Curtain


"There was a stunning moment last night when Wil Maring sailed off into “Oh, What A Beautiful Morning.” I was in an aisle in the third row and I turned to my left to see slack-jawed, open-mouthed fascination from the audience. Wil had suddenly expanded her range and sound and it was something not soon to be forgotten. Photo by that old rascal, Rick Davidson."


(Click on black box to see the video)

"At one point during the last set, Wil said ( I'm paraphrasing ) "my face hurts from smiling so much". Well Wil, et al., I was smiling bigly all the way through too! Thank you Bill and all the others that made this happen!"

"The Hogtown Opry Band were fabulous, as ususal!"
Hogtown Opry Band.jpg
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